Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Bike

Scott CR1. 17.2 lbs with pedals

The new bike is done. I've been out town or the weather has been so poor that I haven't really been able to ride it since I picked it up, so I've only had a chance to do a couple rides. So far so good though. Carbon has a different feel than steel or aluminum, that is for sure, as does Campy. I've never ridden either.

Once again, the guys at Cyclepath did me right, as did my family members with their generous birthday gift certificates to the shop for my recent birthday.


erikv said...

Nice, very nice. Maybe Cyclepath has some road pedals to go on this one, too?

Daniel said...

What are these 'road' pedals you speak of?

suitcaseofcourage said...

BEAUTIFUL ride! Congratulations!

How do you like Campy vs. what you were using before? (not intending to incite a flame debate - just sincerely curious :^)

Daniel said...

I've always been a Shimano guy, but I do have a full Sram X0 setup on my Moto lite (mountain bike). I've never actually used Campy, but so far so good. It takes a bit of getting used to, however I really like the shifting on the front deraileur. You get an infinite number of adjustments vs. the 1:1ish shifting of Shimano. Basically, it gives you more flexibility as to how long you want to be in the big or little ring.

Now I need to decide if I should convert to campy (with a SRAM rear) on my cross bike... said...

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