Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A few bikey things that I really like.

I've found that the hardest thing about keeping a regular (or semi regular) blog is not necessarily finding the time to write or determining a subject to write on. Instead its that I have 2 many ideas - many of which are admittedly sucky. However at the same time I get a bad case of writers block and end up not writing anything.

Soma Morning Rush as mounted on my fixie:

Anyway, It was recently my birthday and I received a bunch of bike related giftsvfrom my whole family. While I can always depend on receiving extremely thoughtful presents, this year I really got some nify bike related ones. Cool mock tattoo armwarmers and socks (normally I'm not a big fan of Primalwear, however these things are cool!) from my kids, some more socks & a subscription to Dirt Rag (yippee!) from my mom and socks (you can never have to many cycling socks btw), a new blinky light and a Soma Morning Rush. (get your own from Cyclepath)

On top of that, the day before my birthday, I received an eagerly awaited package from Twin Six, a new apparel company that I am riding for this year (check out my bio on their site)

And finally, I just picked up (also from Cyclepath) a pair of Hypnotic Designs Hankster Messanger knickers. I think I got the last pair in the country and the only reason I did was because Joshua of Cyclepath ordered them for himself and they didn't fit him... Plus I got them for a really, really good deal. Lucky me I guess. These things are sweet! I just need to get me a little mini U lock to stick in my back pocket while I ride my fixie... Actually, I'm not cool enough for that.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bike Junkie

You know you have a problem when you have so many bikes in your garage that you can't park your car in it.

The garage roster:
Full Suspension Mountain bike
Single speed Mountain bike
Cyclocross bike
Fixed Gear bike

Mountain bike
Road bike

daughter & son
bike and trike

Trail a Bike

Friday, April 14, 2006

2005 race results

2005 race results (fixed gear & 'cross)

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear - 4 laps
Race # 1:
3rd Place (9 riders)

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear - 4 laps
Race # 2:
3rd Place (12 riders)

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear - 4 laps
Race # 4:
2nd Place (9 riders)

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear - 4 laps
Race # 5:
3rd Place (11 riders)

Cyclocross - Class B

Veloshop 2005 Season Opener (Hood River)
September 24
8th place (47 riders) - (8 laps)

Cross Crusade #1:
October 2, 2005: Hillsboro Stadium
9th place (62 riders)

Cross Crusade #2
October 8, 2005: Alpenrose Dairy
DNF (mechanical/flat tire)

Veloshop #2
October 16, 2005; Portland International Raceway
23rd (65 riders)

Cross Crusade #3
October 23; Scouters Mountain
12th (61 Riders)

Cross Crusade #5
November 13; Barton Park
16th (56 Riders)

Cross Crusade #6
November 20; Estacade Timber Bowl
8th (48 riders)

11th overall in 2005 series.

It's been awhile...

2004 Cross Nationals -PDX

My poor blog has been orphaned. I'm going to try to post a few 'catch up' postings.

first: My 2004 race results.

Fixed Gear

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear
Race # 2:
4th place (10 riders)

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear
Race #3
4th (11 riders)

Mt Tabor
Fixed Gear
Race #6
5th (11 riders)

Cyclocross - Masters 30+ B (I was 30 at the time)

2004 Crosscrusade:
Masters 30+ B
Crusade # 1: Bluelake Park October 3, 2004
13th - 55 riders

Crusade #3 PIR October 17, 2004
8th - 62 riders

Crusade #4: Johnson Farm
1st Place- 67 riders

Crusade #5: Barton Park
11th - 51 Riders

Crusade #6: Estacada Timber Park
5th - 59 riders

2004 Overall Series - Best 5 out of 7
(I only raced 5) : 7th Place