Tuesday, December 21, 2004

What's hot, what's not...

How cool would it be to have Lance Armstrong show up at your local race? Not only does he show up, he also beats the field (including 3 Santa Clauses). (http://www.cyclocrossworld.com/News.cfm?Action=Edit&MenuKey=260&theKey=260)

Look at the attendance for the race...Is it really that low, or do the promoters just do a poor job of keeping track of all racers?

Here in Portland, the races are full sometimes having ~100 plus riders (On Decemeber 12th Nationals were held here and most of the fields maxed out at 120...) The promoters ( the Cross Crusaders) are also very diligent about recording every racers place. www.crosscrusade.com.

It's great to live in Portland and be a Cyclocrosser!!!