Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Spy photos - new Twin Six duds

Ryan shared with me the new Twin Six Jersey line up (still waiting to see the t-shirts...hint, hint guys). Anyway, they look great. I especially like the updated "Speedster" & "The Deluxe" (which I believe takes the place of "The Standard".

The great thing about Twin Six, is that each year they come up with new designs and the previous years designs aren't recreated. Always fresh, always delicious... The only problem with this model is that it forces me to buy unnecessary bike jerseys ;). Hopefully the women's line will also be out soon as well.

The '07 Speedster (or Speedy)

The Deluxe ('07)

Watch for them at your favorite bike retailers, or as Ryan & Brent say "Ride with Pride"

Rock it.

Cross on the Mind part deux

I took the essay 'Cross on the Mind" that I wrote for Twin Six and modified it a bit and then submitted it to I think it turned out pretty good. It's fun to get published and wants me to do more of it. I'm actually enjoying writing for the first time in my life. Mom would be proud (Hi Mom).

Here's a direct link to the article.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Riders eye

I don't take a camera on rides very often though I wish I did. Granted, I never have time to take pictures. Anyway, I went riding this past weekend up at Knebal Springs/8-mile/15 mile (Mt Hood Area) with my pal Bryan. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day. Anyway, at one point in the ride I took this shot to see/show what 'my perspective' is. Granted, I'm going slow and I'm looking way to close to my wheel and not where I should be looking...

After taking this shot, I turned and took a picture of Bryan coming up the hill.

On another subject, I thought that I would start posting music to ride your bike to.

This week in the Ipod:
I picked up the new Audioslave album: "Revelations". It's not bad, still not Soundgarden, but alas, you take what you get.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Running Commentary

This is a very, very funny article on 'running' for cyclocross... This is exactly how I feel as I do my requisite 1 day a week running regimen... So painful and unfullfilling. Check it out:

Cyclocross News

Rider Opinion Of The Month (ROOTM)

Brent & Ryan of Twin Six asked me to do this month's ROOTM, I happily obliged and wrote up a little essay on 'cross. Here is a link.

TWIN SIX: Alternative Cycling Apparel