Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Riders eye

I don't take a camera on rides very often though I wish I did. Granted, I never have time to take pictures. Anyway, I went riding this past weekend up at Knebal Springs/8-mile/15 mile (Mt Hood Area) with my pal Bryan. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day. Anyway, at one point in the ride I took this shot to see/show what 'my perspective' is. Granted, I'm going slow and I'm looking way to close to my wheel and not where I should be looking...

After taking this shot, I turned and took a picture of Bryan coming up the hill.

On another subject, I thought that I would start posting music to ride your bike to.

This week in the Ipod:
I picked up the new Audioslave album: "Revelations". It's not bad, still not Soundgarden, but alas, you take what you get.

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