Friday, December 21, 2007

Best Bike Related Video Ever

Surfing YouTube, Found This 'bike related' video... .40 into it and whoah.

Could be my new favorite song.

Oh, the band is "Bats for Lashes"

Friday, December 14, 2007

2007 Season In Review

With Cyclocross Nationals happening in Kansas City as I type (I’m obviously not there), I thought it would be a good time to do a recap of my 2007 racing season (look for future post: 2008 goals).

All in all, I think it was a pretty good season (road/fixed, mountain, and cross). I didn’t race as many races as I had planned and my results weren’t overly spectacular, but it was still a good season. First and foremost, I had a bunch of fun, met some great folks, and experienced some new bikes (fixed gear and 29er). I also did by best to represent those that support me in this thing called racing (Big thanks to: Cyclepath, Twin Six & Soma).

Here’s the summary of the races I competed in and the end results. I believe there is a report on each and every one of these races in the archives of this blog.

Dan’s season in review: Sorted reverse chronologically by category:

17 Cross Crusade/OBRA Championship - Hillsboro Mst Men A 11/18/07

17 Cross Crusade - Estacada Mst Men A 11/11/07

22 Cross Crusade - Clatsop County Fairgrounds Mst Men A 10/28/07

18 Cross Crusade - Horning's Hideout Sgl Spd 10/14/07

21 Cross Crusade - Alpenrose Mst Men A 10/07/07

14 Battle at Barlow CCX Mst Men A 09/30/07

Short Track Mountain Bike:
8 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/30/07

8 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/16/07

10 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/09/07

22 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/02/07

Fixed Gear:
4 Mt Tabor Series Fixed Gear 07/11/07

5 Mt Tabor Series Fixed Gear 06/27/07

4 Mt Tabor Series Fixed Gear 05/30/07

Geared Mountain Bike
2 Falls City Firecracker MTB Sport Men 19-39 05/20/07

The biggest change this year was my move up from Bs to Master As. Definitely a bit of a rude awakening there, but alas it was a learning experience.
Thanks again.