Friday, December 14, 2007

2007 Season In Review

With Cyclocross Nationals happening in Kansas City as I type (I’m obviously not there), I thought it would be a good time to do a recap of my 2007 racing season (look for future post: 2008 goals).

All in all, I think it was a pretty good season (road/fixed, mountain, and cross). I didn’t race as many races as I had planned and my results weren’t overly spectacular, but it was still a good season. First and foremost, I had a bunch of fun, met some great folks, and experienced some new bikes (fixed gear and 29er). I also did by best to represent those that support me in this thing called racing (Big thanks to: Cyclepath, Twin Six & Soma).

Here’s the summary of the races I competed in and the end results. I believe there is a report on each and every one of these races in the archives of this blog.

Dan’s season in review: Sorted reverse chronologically by category:

17 Cross Crusade/OBRA Championship - Hillsboro Mst Men A 11/18/07

17 Cross Crusade - Estacada Mst Men A 11/11/07

22 Cross Crusade - Clatsop County Fairgrounds Mst Men A 10/28/07

18 Cross Crusade - Horning's Hideout Sgl Spd 10/14/07

21 Cross Crusade - Alpenrose Mst Men A 10/07/07

14 Battle at Barlow CCX Mst Men A 09/30/07

Short Track Mountain Bike:
8 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/30/07

8 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/16/07

10 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/09/07

22 Portland MTB Short Track Series Singlespeed 07/02/07

Fixed Gear:
4 Mt Tabor Series Fixed Gear 07/11/07

5 Mt Tabor Series Fixed Gear 06/27/07

4 Mt Tabor Series Fixed Gear 05/30/07

Geared Mountain Bike
2 Falls City Firecracker MTB Sport Men 19-39 05/20/07

The biggest change this year was my move up from Bs to Master As. Definitely a bit of a rude awakening there, but alas it was a learning experience.
Thanks again.


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