Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Helmet Pads

I've never understood why when you spend 100 -150 on a nice helmet you don't get a second set of pads. Unfortuanetly, I'm a bit of a sweat hog, so I stink them up pretty quickly. Plus, with 'cross they can get muddy and beat up.

I have this:

And I needed this:

I emailed Bell, and they kindly sent me a replacement set. No charge!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Preliminary Cross Crusade Schedule up!

The preliminary cross crusade schedule is now up. Looks like a good one again!

Season opener at Alpenrose, then Wilsonville (I missed it last time around). Rainer which I heard was one of the best courses out there, a DOUBLE weekend in Astoria, the venerable Barton Park and a couple of TBA venues...

Hornings, Estacada and Hillsboro are all missing. Based on all the new construction out there, I am not surprised that Hillsboro is out. I've always liked the close proximity. I'm surprised that Estacada isn't there. I hope it is one of the missing ones though, as it is my favorites.

Also missing are the two USGP races in December. PIR maybe?

October 5 Crusade Series Race 1 Alpenrose Dairy
October 12 Crusade Series Race 2 Wilsonville
October 19 Crusade Series Race 3 Rainier High School
October 25 Crusade Series Race 4 Clatsop County Fairgrounds
October 26 Crusade Series Race 5 Clatsop County Fairgrounds
November 2 Crusade Series Race 6 Barton Park
November 9 Crusade Series Race 7 TBA
November 16 Crusade Series Race 8 TBA


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tahoe 2008

Got back from a week in Tahoe a couple of days ago (ok, it was a week ago).

I got some good rides, hikes and in general family time.

Helmet cam to follow..

Here is a couple of good shots that summarize the week:

The kids on a family ride

At the top of Mr. Toads. About ready to descend 3K... The lake is in the distance.

Simon and Dad - out for a 'big' ride.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Be careful out there

My wife was hit by a car last night while commuting by bike home from work. Thankfully she wasn't hurt (other than a few scratches & scrapes. Neither was her bike. She was however a bit shooken up (obviously).

Basically, a car decided they wanted to park and pulled into the bikelane without looking. She bumped and rolled over hood. Thankfully it was relatively low speed but could have been worse.

Please be careful out there, both on your bike and in your car.

We all just want to get home to our families safetly.