Sunday, August 17, 2008

Preliminary Cross Crusade Schedule up!

The preliminary cross crusade schedule is now up. Looks like a good one again!

Season opener at Alpenrose, then Wilsonville (I missed it last time around). Rainer which I heard was one of the best courses out there, a DOUBLE weekend in Astoria, the venerable Barton Park and a couple of TBA venues...

Hornings, Estacada and Hillsboro are all missing. Based on all the new construction out there, I am not surprised that Hillsboro is out. I've always liked the close proximity. I'm surprised that Estacada isn't there. I hope it is one of the missing ones though, as it is my favorites.

Also missing are the two USGP races in December. PIR maybe?

October 5 Crusade Series Race 1 Alpenrose Dairy
October 12 Crusade Series Race 2 Wilsonville
October 19 Crusade Series Race 3 Rainier High School
October 25 Crusade Series Race 4 Clatsop County Fairgrounds
October 26 Crusade Series Race 5 Clatsop County Fairgrounds
November 2 Crusade Series Race 6 Barton Park
November 9 Crusade Series Race 7 TBA
November 16 Crusade Series Race 8 TBA

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Daniel said...

Race 7 & 8 are now up:

November 9 Portland International Raceway

November 16 Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro