Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we can!

I'm extremely excited about our new president elect. I'm excited about the direction that America is taking and I'm excited about the next 4 (8!) years. But, enough about that.

On Sunday November 2nd the Cyclocross Crusade hosted the 6th cross race in the cross crusade series at Barton Park. I did something different this week. I got a ride to the from a friend and team mate of mine (thanks Patrick). He has been double headers each weekend (Single speed and then the A race). Since I was heading out with him on his schedule, I decided to do the same thing. The advantage of this, is being able to do a series of warm up laps on the course (legally) at race speed.

First race, first bike, first set of muddy clothes

We got to the race, registered and drank a quick cup of coffee at the Chris King booth. I lined up for my first race of the day (Single Speed) and with very little starting pressure I was off. I have to admit that I had to hold back a bit to keep from going all out knowing I had another race an hour later. 5 laps and 15 miles later the race was over and I was finished in 22nd place. Not bad.

60 minutes later, I'm lining up for the Master A race feeling tired and really wishing I was spectating with a big cup of coffee (or beer) and a rain coat. I get a call up from my 12 place finish a week back so I'm starting at the 2nd row which is nice. The starting bell goes off and the group is off. It's like a deja vu from just an hour earlier. My legs are screaming at me, my heart is ramping up and i'm not feeling particularly confident in my abilities. A lap goes by, then another, then 4, 5, and 6 mores... I start feeling better as I complete each lap and the cheering fans are keeping my energized. Bill in particular is doing a steller job... "Dan - you are in the top 15", "Dan you are in the top 10" etc.

Last lap, the guy I'm battling it out with starts pulling away. I just don't have the oompf to keep up and he pulls away. I pull in shortly behind him and await the results. 8 laps & 15 miles later, I'm in 8th place. My first time cracking the top 10 in an A race (master A).

Race #2

Total stats for the day:
  • 13 laps
  • 35 miles
  • 1 hour 55 minutes of racing.
  • 2 (super) dirty kits.
  • 2+ hours of bike cleaning (2 bikes)
The mud, the rain. Barton Park.... It used to be one of my least favorite courses, but now... I'm not so sure!

PIR next...