Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes we can!

I'm extremely excited about our new president elect. I'm excited about the direction that America is taking and I'm excited about the next 4 (8!) years. But, enough about that.

On Sunday November 2nd the Cyclocross Crusade hosted the 6th cross race in the cross crusade series at Barton Park. I did something different this week. I got a ride to the from a friend and team mate of mine (thanks Patrick). He has been double headers each weekend (Single speed and then the A race). Since I was heading out with him on his schedule, I decided to do the same thing. The advantage of this, is being able to do a series of warm up laps on the course (legally) at race speed.

First race, first bike, first set of muddy clothes

We got to the race, registered and drank a quick cup of coffee at the Chris King booth. I lined up for my first race of the day (Single Speed) and with very little starting pressure I was off. I have to admit that I had to hold back a bit to keep from going all out knowing I had another race an hour later. 5 laps and 15 miles later the race was over and I was finished in 22nd place. Not bad.

60 minutes later, I'm lining up for the Master A race feeling tired and really wishing I was spectating with a big cup of coffee (or beer) and a rain coat. I get a call up from my 12 place finish a week back so I'm starting at the 2nd row which is nice. The starting bell goes off and the group is off. It's like a deja vu from just an hour earlier. My legs are screaming at me, my heart is ramping up and i'm not feeling particularly confident in my abilities. A lap goes by, then another, then 4, 5, and 6 mores... I start feeling better as I complete each lap and the cheering fans are keeping my energized. Bill in particular is doing a steller job... "Dan - you are in the top 15", "Dan you are in the top 10" etc.

Last lap, the guy I'm battling it out with starts pulling away. I just don't have the oompf to keep up and he pulls away. I pull in shortly behind him and await the results. 8 laps & 15 miles later, I'm in 8th place. My first time cracking the top 10 in an A race (master A).

Race #2

Total stats for the day:
  • 13 laps
  • 35 miles
  • 1 hour 55 minutes of racing.
  • 2 (super) dirty kits.
  • 2+ hours of bike cleaning (2 bikes)
The mud, the rain. Barton Park.... It used to be one of my least favorite courses, but now... I'm not so sure!

PIR next...


Brooke Hoyer said...

Awesome getting inside the top ten!

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