Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hornings Hustle Season Opener

April 6th 2008
Hornings Hideout
North Plains, Oregon
Single Speed

"The race that was won by the guy who could push his bike the fastest". A bit of a joke, but only half way. Seriously, though there was a ton of running/pushing the bike. This race was more cross race than the past 2 cross races I've done out at the same venue. It was a mud bog suffer fest.

Photo (Oregon Velo). Mid way through lap 1.

The race started neutral (meaning everyone starts slow until a point on the course). We hit the single track and it was a bit of a cluster. The race started heating up about midway 1 mile into the first lap and I started to take the race serious to try to make up lost ground from my horrible starting position at the "neutral start".

Photo #2 (Oregon Velo)- Weather heating up -lap 1

We did 3 laps, each lap was about 5 miles each (total race time on the odo: 1:56). Each lap was progressively harder with the 3rd taking me into the pain cave. It started raining towards the end of the second lap and made the mud that much deeper and thicker.

This was a muddy race. I think this was lap two:
Muddy Dan - Oregon Velo

Good times. A good early season race, but in case you haven't gathered, it was MUDDY. I was thankful I was running single speed, as I didn't see the drive train issues I saw others having.

Oh, I got 4th place. Not a bad start to the 2008 season.


TWIN SIX said...

You are a man amongst children. Solid start. Is it really that green there already? Ok, gotta go. Time to shovel the sidewalk...

Daniel said...

Might be time to move the old Twin Six corp headquarters to Bike Town USA... ;)