Monday, May 01, 2006

I was just riding along...

My wife and I went on a good fun ride with some friends of ours yesterday. I forgot my camera so no pics to post. Anyway Bill & I both rode single speed while Megan & Sam road their geared bikes. I haven't rode SS or hardtail for awhile as I usually only ride SS on the street (running errands, pulling my daughter on the trail-a-bike, commuting to work, etc.). However the SS is really a great equalizer for my wife and I so it makes the outing more fun + Bill was riding his.

Luckily I remembered to switch tires the night before - I've been running Maxxis Hookworks on the bike and they would not be particularly appropriate for a mid spring ride here in Oregon.

Funny thing I have to mention. This is first time I have ever ridden with Bill - He is the owner of my favorite shop (Cyclepath)and he & Joshua always treat me really well. (I'll be wearing their shop colors this year if Joshua (are you reading this?) finishes the design...

Well anyway, a few months back when trying to get the Cyclepath guys to go on a ride I joked with them about how I only wanted them to ride because then I would have a ridalong mechanic. Hahaha. (I was totally joking). Anyway at the trailhead on Sunday, I referred to the comment and Bill joked back with me. Funny thing is, before we even got on the actual trail, Megan was having trouble with her shifters (maybe she should go SS?)and Bill went ahead and got her going. About a 1/2 mile into the trail my brake started rubbing and boom - Bill disassembles my brake and readjusts my pads.

I'm really pretty competient when it comes to bike maintenance. I just find it funny that Bill totally did what I was joking about (and what I never expected him to.)

Oh, starting to get freaked out about the start of the Tabor series... I guess that is a good thing... Been riding up there once a week already - I probably need to ramp it up...

ride on

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