Sunday, May 21, 2006

Riding in the Rain

Yes, that is a bone(!) up in the tree.

It was 94 and Sunny on Monday, 85 on Tuesday, 84 on Wednesday, 85 on Thursday and 60 degees and raining on Friday... Unfortunately, Friday was the day I decided to take off work a few hours early to hit the twisty turny trails out in Scappoose with my friend Bryan. It was his first time out there, so I had a good time showing him the trails.

Scappoose is a sweet trail system that was originally built (and still maintained by) an older Scappoose local who got permission from the land owners (Longview Fibre) to build. Full on grassroots mountain bike advocacy at its roots. The trails have gotten quite a bit more popular since I first rode there a few years ago... Now others have started building - teeter toters, ladders, skinnies, drops, gap jumps, etc... It's a fun time and I enjoyed showing the various stunts to Bryan though I am to chicken to ride a big percentage of them. Maybe later in the summer.

Anyway, long story short, we agreed to meet at the trail head at on Friday afternoon earlier in the week when the weather was nice. It started raining HARD around noon and didn't stop. Thankfully the trails clear water pretty well and the deep tree cover does a fairly good job of protection from the elements. I meant to take pics, but the rain (and the fun) kept me from taking many.

For those of you doubters out there, I do get my new bike dirty:

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