Sunday, October 19, 2008

So I offended some zoobombers...

with my last post.

Guys & Gals, I'm man enough to admit I made a mistake. The first one being, I tried to be funny, the second one, is that I didn't actually realize anyone read this thing. Now my post has been put up on the Zoobombers forum. The sad thing, is that it makes me and my team seem like a bunch of dicks, and we really aren't. We are all nice guys and girls (and we come in all sizes). The whole event (the roller race) was such a hilarious and over the top spectacle (but admittedly fun), that it warranted humor to describe it... Alas, like the maligned governor from our 49th state, you didn't find my attempt at humor particularly humorous. I thought the time line was funny (as did some of you based on your comments on your own site), but I offended a couple of you, so I went ahead and edited the 'offensive' parts out.

I like bikes, you like bikes, let's leave it at that and I'll see you at the next roller race. Maybe I'll wear the spandex 'bro' next time.

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