Monday, March 31, 2008


I celebrated my 36th birthday today, thus no longer being the youngest age in the Masters A group. – Being that it is Monday, I celebrated the bulk of it at work. That being said, the stars aligned today and I had a break during a period of time when it wasn’t raining, hailing, or snowing (yes it has been a weird spring in the Pacific Northwest). Actually, it was quite pleasant and sunny during this time period. I got some new fenders the other day and installed them on my cross bike last night, so it was nice to do the climb to skyline with gears. (Besides the fact that my fixed gear rear wheel is all wonky and I have a new wheel on order.)

Long story short, I celebrated my birthday by performing an act that is ageless. Just me and my bike. I may be getting older, but damn it, I’m not letting something like age slow me down.

Life is great.

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