Friday, March 30, 2007

Soma Juice...

The new Soma Juice I mentioned way back here. is finally done. Actually, it has actually been completed for a month or so. Thus far it has been mostly ridden around town and with the family 'trailer bike in tow', though it has also been on a couple Forest Park rides (Forest park is a huge urban park here in Portland. The trailhead is about 1 mile from my new office, so hitting the trails at lunch will become a sweet summer time activity). The first time in "The Park", I basically stayed on the dirt road that leads through it cause everything was pretty mucky. Today however I rode with a coworker (on a geared bike no less) and we hit the firelanes - Up firelane 1 to Skyline, down firelane 2 firelane 3 and then down lower firelane 1 to hwy 30 and back to the office. It was still pretty muddy on the firelanes, but all in all worth it as I really got to get the feel for the bike.

I love the way it rides - I'm really not seeing much in the way of rear wheel drag (some people complain about 29er bikes feeling like boat anchors when you get them going). The thing climbs like a monkey on crack! I opted for a rigid carbon fork on the bike, so that definately makes it feel different, climbing is much much nicer...

Anyway, I'm stoked on the bike. A shout out to Stan @ Soma and to the guys at Cyclepath for helping me pull together all the missing components.

The stats:
  • Soma 29er Juice Frame
  • Black Chris King Headset
  • Pace Carbon 29er fork
  • Easton Seatpost
  • IRD Seatpost clamp
  • WTB Speed V titanium rails
  • RaceFace AlloyAir bars
  • RaceFace Prodigy stem
  • ODI Lock on Grips
  • SRAM 9.0 levers
  • Avid BB.7 Mechanical Disc Brakes & Rotors
  • Avid Full Metal Jacket Brake Cable System
  • RaceFace Turbine (old school) cranks
  • RaceFace 36T Chainring
  • Time Z Atac petals
  • Shimano Square Taper Ultegra BB
  • BBG Bashguard
  • Avid 8 spd chain
  • Bontrager Race Disc wheels with ‘Gusset’ single speed converter
  • IRC Mythos F&R 2.1 29er tires


  • Zefal Bottle Cage
  • Specialized ‘Turbo’ Odometer
  • Jand Mountaineering seat wedge
  • 2 Spot Brand ‘rocket’ chain tensioners


erikv said...

Nice ride.

Firelane 2 is closed to bikes. I'm telling.

Daniel said...

You mean the cardboard sign that says "open to the public - hikers & bikers" isn't a valid Forest Park sign????

I meant we went down Firelane 3...