Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Some Soma Love

Friday afternoon I got home from work and found these two big boxes sitting there waiting for me.

Boxes arrive

Simon thinks the boxes are for him

Juice Unveiled

Rush Unveiled

Both frames are super pretty - I can't wait to build them up. Here's the dilemma - I can build up the Rush now by pulling apart my other fixed gear frame (I already mounted a headset). the problem is that it is sooo pretty that I don't want to ride it in the winter! I have all the parts for the Juice as well minus the fork and wheels (though I did order a Pace Carbon fork) . Unfortunately I need to sell some stuff before I can build the wheels, so if you know anyone who needs a 54cm track frame & fork, a 26' Single Speed Eccentric Eno wheelset, or a 17 inch mtn frame & fork let me know)

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