Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oregon State Cyclocross Championship

Cross Crusade #6
Oregon State Cyclo-cross Championship
November 12, 2006
Estacada Timber Park

Short & Sweet - This race was an important race for a variety of reasons:
1) Series Finale
2) Double Points
3) Oregon State Championship
4) I was going into the race @ 3rd place in the series (based on points)

I pre-rode the course, warmed up on my wind trainer and was ready. The start of the race was on a wide hard packed dirt trail. I was called up again so I got to start on the front of the line. At the gun I took off as fast as I could as we hit the mud & grass and slippery corners. Through out the first lap I lead most of it and came through at the end of the first & second laps at the lead. I started to fade a bit by the third lap but managed to hang on and again traded between 1st & 2nd on the final 2 laps.

I finished up in second place, stood on the podium, and got myself a medal.

better yet, with the double points I received for placing high, I believe I won the series... I'll find out for sure this weekend at the awards ceremony/party. Regardless, my wife & kids stepped up and baked me a cake!

what's up with my hair?

Guess I'll be racing A next year.


Patrick said...

Next year? Dude get up here and let's drop some Custom Bike Love on these suckers this weekend.

uncadan8 said...

Nice work, Dan! 'Cross sounds like quite a blast. As soon as I can afford one, I might have to try it out.

Dan Kreger
Fellow T6'er
(Noticed the T in the pics.)

erikv said...

Congrats, Dan!