Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cross Crusade #1: Alpenrose

Portland Oregon
Alpenrose Dairy
October 1, 2006

Alpenrose Dairy hosted the season opener for the Crosscrusade series. Something like 798 guys and girls faced a sunny and dry palm bruising, dust inhaling, opener to the most attended cyclocross series in the US (and possibly the world). Plenty of spectators, plenty of fun. The course was bumpy (going through a pasture) with lots of run ups, lots of asphalt and some stairs thrown in for good measure. Alpenrose is a unique course as it is one of the few cross courses out there that actually incorporate a velodrome. As usual, the crusaders set up a challenging course.

The start of the "B" race

Feeling the pain
There were 87 guys in the B class. I started 'close' to the front and had a decent start. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to pre-ride, but that is pretty regular for me.


I raced a hard race, completed 6 laps and finished in 21st place. I'm not disappointed in my ride, however I am surprised at how far back I ended up (last year I was consistently placed top 10) I thought I was prepared as I have been training harder than usual. Apparently so had the rest of the B's. We'll see how future races go...

For more on the race, this is a great video interview by Dan Kaufman of "Crank my Chain" of Brad Ross the promoter of the Cross Crusade.


Oh yeah, this week on the Ipod: Early Man


gogomomm said...

Dan rocks! I don't know much about this kind of racing, but I do know superior athleticsm, and dedication. My hat is off to you!

Jonathan said...

racing at Barlow? Bring your A game...I'm fixing my brake this week. No more losing 5 places in the last lap! Bring your kids, too; Mike Bene and I are setting up a kiddie race. Cheers, JV