Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Well, it happened... I avoided the chaos and crashes at Hornings Hideout (including the guy that got lifeflighted..) only to crash hard on a training ride this morning.

I was riding at Mt Tabor with my training buddy Tim on a pre work 'cross specific workout. We were finishing up our 3rd and final circuit so I decided to really push it. I think I must have been stand/sprinting, cause the next thing I knew, I was on the ground watching my bike sail over my head and down a shallow ravine. I sat up, felt immediate and intense pain in my shoulder and thought "Oh Shit, I pulled a Jonathon Page"(one of the U.S. ofAs top cross racers that is currently out for the rest of the season after crashing and seperating his shoulder).

A walk/stumble out of the park and to the road (with multiple stops for the prevention of fainting) and with Tim lending me a hand. I tried to call to my wife, failed (fyi - if you are going to carry a cellphone, make sure it is charged!), borrowed Tim's phone, called Megan and asked her to pick me up on her way to work... She was conveniently scheduled to work at Portland Providence at 9:00AM...

Long story short, she picked me up and dropped me off at the ER. I got X-rayed and discharged (no permanent damage!) with a script for Vicadin. I got Megan to take me home for a shower and a ride (by car) to work where I spent the afternoon telling everyone that I was ok. It's 10:30 PM and I'm doing ok. We'll see how I feel in the morning (let alone Sunday for the race).

BTW: I just checked out my helmet - 3 deep cracks... I guess it is time for a replacement - stat!
Kids at home, wear your helmet!

BTW: The bike is no worse for wear... A couple of adjustments and it is back to normal.

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Tom said...

dude, you dont want to be 'breaking your helmet.'
Reminds me of time trials we used to do as kids-- one thing I learned, you dont want the finish line of a time trial to be just in front of a ditch lined by trees...