Sunday, June 11, 2006

of waterfalls

I topped a wonderful weekend (riding bikes with the family to the Grand Floral Parade, celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary) by going on a nice solo ride at Siouxson Creek. The kids were at my inlaws house until the afternoon, so I took advantage of the free afternoon by heading out of town. It was an 80+ degree day, so doing a ride along side a creek was a great idea.

Siouxson Creek is a great ride that is relatively close to town (actually it's over an hour away, but I *thought* it was closer). It's one of those perfect trails that has a little bit of everything - buffed out singletrack, rocky technical areas, a good climb and descent. Plus most of the trail parallels Siouxson Creek and a multitude of waterfalls.

I arrived at the trailhead and got my gear together. I chatted with 3 guys that were also starting out. They were starting at the parking area while my plan was to ride back up the hill for 3 miles to take advantage of the 3 mile down hill prior to starting the 'real trail'.

I raced up the hill and after about 15 -20 minutes of fast climbing I was at the start of the downhill.
The start of the trail
I personally like starting a ride with a climb as it warms up my legs and body prior to hitting the technical stuff. Anyway, I raced down the trail hitting the buffed out corners and jumping as many things as possible. Loving the way the Titus performed. A few minutes later I connected to the main trail and passed a couple of other riders as I continued to zig & zag along the trail.

One of the great things about this trail is how scenic it is. I'm trying to make a point of taking more pictures when I ride - usually I just hammer from point A to B. This trail has so many beautiful waterfalls that you just have to stop.

Waterfall #1

Waterfall #2

Yet another waterfall...

It's almost boring how many falls there are on this trail. Almost

There were quite a few riders out today. Alot of girls out on the trail which was good to see. I think there must have been an organized 'women's ride' of some sorts. Also lots of hikers. Some were friendly, some were cranky. Oh well. I tried to be courteous with 'hellos' and 'thank yous'. Little do most of the hikers know that PUMP actually maintains this trail. I be willing to bet most hikers have never done an ounce of maintenance. Oh well.

I did catch up with the 3 guys from the parking area resting which is funny because they had about a 6 mile headstart on me.

Prerequisite bike picture. Isn't she pretty?

I ended the ride and loaded up the car before heading back into town, but not before trying out my 'dirtworker' which allowed me to get my bike all clean again prior go loading it onto the rack. I'll have a full review of this cool new piece of 'must have' equiptment soon.

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