Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Giving Back

I did my first bit of trail maintenance for the year this past Saturday (June 3rd - National Trails Day). I'd have rather been riding, but once in awhile you need to "give back".

The work was done out at Hagg lake. I helped a team of 15+ PUMP/mtb volunteers put in a combined total of 75 hours of trail time cutting new trail to a new bridge that was being constructed by a kid working on his Eagle Scout badge/certification/whatever (he was also a rider). Basically, we constructed 90 feet of trail. moved two dozen ferns and primed the old trail for quick closure and restoration. In addition, a Kona rep was on hand to let folks demo bikes (including their new road bikes which are hydroformed and pretty sweet). I won a cool t-shirt in the raffle for my efforts. I wish I could have stuck around after for a ride around the lake, but since I brought the family and the kidlets were getting antsy, I felt it best to head on home.

On a side note, Tabor starts tomorrow…


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