Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What are you, invisible?

So I'm riding along today, minding my own business. I stop at the stop light and you ride up behind me, then around me, the through the red light ignoring the cars that have to stop to avoid crushing the life out of you.

The light turns green, and I easily catch up with you (on my fixed gear no less), pass you (slowpoke) and make it to the next light which I then also stop at. Once again, you ride up behind me, then around me and through the RED light...

Don't you people understand that we will never get respect from others on the road if we don't obey the rules of the road? Are you really surprised that you get yelled at by drivers, that they throw things at you, that they honk and shake their fists?

I don't agree with their behavior, however I also understand what makes them so irritated. Not only do we as cyclists (collectively) totally disregard traffic laws, they are stuck (typically in traffic) for hours at a time.

Be glad that you have been release from the metal cocoon, free to feel the air, the sun and even the rain. Your legs are getting stronger while their asses are getting fatter. Isn't that enough?

Don't get run over or at least not in front of me.

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