Monday, May 04, 2009

Slinging Mud at the Mudslinger

21st Annual Peak Sports Mudslinger
Oregon State Mountain Bike Championship Race
Single Speed
May 4, 2009
Philomath, OR

The drive over in the morning provided a little foreshadowing of conditions to come with heavy rain falling as we turned off I-5 onto the road into Philomath. The rain itself slowed down as we pulled into the parking area and the group of us head to registration. By the time we got out the rain stopped and the Oregon spring sunshine started heating things up. Granted, this did nothing for the water logged trails as we would soon find out.

The 21st annual 'Mudslinger' definately lived up to it's name.

Riders tackled single track trail sections intermixed with between gravel fire road climbs over 24 miles and almost 4ooo feet of climbing. The large single speed group (27 riders) took off at a break neck speed. I was off at the front of the group feeling overly confident for the first 3 mile climb until a group of 3-4 riders took off and splintered the group. Within 30 minutes the group was spread out and I was riding solo. I managed to catch a couple of riders and a couple caught up with me. I pressed on and hit the single track downhill. Slip sliding down the Panama Canal trail (going down once), brakes locked up, side ways sliding, realizing that I've been on the road bike to much and not with not enough time on the mountain bike. Lots more fire road climbing and single track with names I can't remember.

Finished the race in 2:06 which was good enough for 5th place. All in all a great but hard race.

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