Monday, October 08, 2007

Fixed gear for 'cross training?

I've been riding my fixed gear alot this fall (Mainly because this fall has started out so rainy and my fixed gear is my rain bike). I typically ride it all winter and into the spring to prepare for Tabor and then hang it up for a few months during the summer and fall to prep for cyclocross. Riding it only occasionally on severe rain days. Anyway, this year I've been riding it quite a bit and the question came to mind - is this helping or hurting my 'cross? I know it has made me a strong climber and it helps me learn to suffer, but does spinning at a high cadence (downhill) and a slow cadence (up hill) help or hurt?

Only time will tell I guess.

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erikv said...

My opinion is it CAN help, depending on how you do it. I've been riding mine around town with a bigger gear than normal. I think it simulates cross well. I don't really want to go back down to a 42x17 this winter, but I will.