Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pain Cave

I was in my own personal 'pain cave' this afternoon. Been reading suggestions on the Interweb about gear ratio for SS cross and I determined that the ratio on my 29er was to low (36x18) so last night I converted to 36x16. It was a great gear for riding into work today, but home was a different story.

I rode home from work via Forest Park (Thurman Gate to Lief to Ridge to St Johns, etc.). The minor gear change was PAINFUL. I think my experiment failed. Granted, it could be that it was my 4th hard ride in 4 days or that I had a pint at lunch today... Either way, my legs felt the gear modification. It is worth another test, but I think I am going to be converting back before Hornings (my first SS cross race)


Patrick said...

Know what I loved about Italy? No questions asked about having a pint or glass of wine at lunch then going back to work. In the states, not so good.

Good to hear from you. Sounds like you're rocking SS this year. Tear it up!!!

New kit??? They are super sweet!!!

Daniel said...

Actually, I'm racing Master A's most of the time... I'll race SS at Hornings and maybe Estacada for the SSCXWC.

Glad you had a good time.