Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Portland Short Track #4

Portland International Raceway (PIR)
Motocross coursePortland, OR
July 31, 2006


I didn't realize I was a jumper, but apparently I think I am based on this picture and this one.

I raced the 4th race in the Portland Short Track Series on Monday night. Due do vacation plans, this will be my final race in the series so this report will also act as a summary 'thus far'.

As usual, the Single Speed race started at 6:30. Again the course was modified. Again I had a relatively slow start and played 'catch up' for the rest of the race. Fortunately, I was pretty fast, unfortunately I got off track (how do you 'get off track' in a short track race???) and had to back track back into the switch backs and thus lost a few places.

End result, I took 9th place - pretty much the same place as the past 3 0f 4 weeks (last week I didn't finish due to a mechanical). I'm actually pretty excited about the top 10 finishes.

I'll be on vacation next Monday for the 5th race and the 6th race (series final), so my short track season is over. All in all it was a fun series. It was fun to be doing a mountain bike race after so many years and it was fun to race Single Speed - actually, I think for this particular series, gears would have been a disadvantage. I can almost guarantee that I'll do the series again next year, if for the only reason that it was a great primer for 'cross!

Series summary:
#1 - 9th
#2 - 8th
#3 - DNF
#4 - 9th


Heidi said...

Cool, Dan, I love the pictures!

tom said...

Dan, why are you grinning like that--
did you just run someone over?

sprocket said...

Just a few small children...

Actually, I'm probably grinning because the race is ending shortly...

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